Author: Jesper


Project Valhalla – Value Types

In July last year, Brian Goetz announced Project Valhalla, an experimental project to explore major new language features for a future version of Java. Features to be investigated are: Value types Generic specialization Enhanced volatiles Possibly other related topics, such as reified generics The features in Project Valhalla are not...


The Future is Completable in Java 8

As I mentioned in my previous post, interface Future in Java up to version 7 has a serious limitation, and that is that it’s not possible to get notified when the result is available. The only thing you can do with a Future is call get() on it, which will block if...


Listen to the Future with Google Guava

Futures are one of the many concepts that are useful for building scalable software. A future is an object that acts as a placeholder for the result of some operation that has yet to be performed. This is useful for asynchronous, non-blocking programming, which is what you want to do...