My first Pluralsight course is live

It’s been a while I’ve written a blog post.

One major reason for this is that I’ve been very busy in my free time in the last four months of 2016. I was working on my first course for Pluralsight: Java EE: Getting Started with JavaServer Faces.

Pluralsight is a well-known and very successful company that provides high quality, professional online courses. They have more than 5,000 courses about different subjects – from software development and IT operations to graphic and web design, project management, leadership and communication skills and more.

When I was at Voxxed Days Vienna on 1 March last year to give my presentation Practical Scala for the busy Java developer, I met someone from Pluralsight who explained me that Pluralsight was looking for new authors. I was interested, so I applied and made a ten minute audition presentation, after which I was accepted as an author.

It has been a pleasure to work with Pluralsight. They are very professional and pay a lot of attention to everything, from audio and video quality to the style in which you teach. I learned a lot while making my first course – from what a good way is to record and edit the video and audio to doing research, writing a story and teaching in a way that is engaging for the students.

Creating this course was a lot of work (more than I expected) and I’m glad that it’s now live. But it was also interesting and fun and I certainly intend to create more Pluralsight courses in the future.

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