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The Scala programming language and standard library features.


Scala access modifiers and qualifiers in detail

Just like Java and other object-oriented programming languages, Scala has access modifiers to restrict access to members of classes, traits, objects and packages. Scala’s access modifiers are slightly different than Java’s; in this post I explain the difference. Besides modifiers, Scala also has qualifiers which allow more fine-grained access control....


The magic of for-yield with Scala collections

Scala has a rich and well-designed collections library. You can find a good overview of the collections library on the Scala documentation website. In this post I’ll show how using for with yield on collections works and how the collections library is designed and implemented so that it does exactly...


7 Scala features that surprise Java developers

When you know Java, it isn’t that hard to start programming in Scala. Everything you know about object-oriented programming in Java also applies to Scala. Ofcourse Scala is not just Java with a less verbose syntax; it also has a number of features that Java lacks, such as functional programming...


Scala as a better Java

This one is for the Java developers who are curious about Scala. Maybe you have briefly looked at Scala and you were deterred by what at first sight looked like ugly syntax with strange, incomprehensible operators, or you think you have to become a functional programming wizard to understand it....